English Ivy Plants

logoEnglish Ivy is also known as Hedera Helix and it is one of the most expansively used groundcover. It is a beautiful evergreen plant that can keep your garden lively throughout the year. The plant has distinct leaves and it bears small berries that attract a lot of native birds to the garden. If you are looking for a perfect groundcover plant for your garden then you should definitely consider English Ivy.

Growing groundcover plants in the garden is a great way of adding energetic color and texture to the landscape. Groundcover plants are generally low-growing varieties that spread quickly and cover the area beautifully. Apart from their aesthetic beauty, these plants serve many other purposes in the garden and the most important one is that they protect the soil from getting damaged due to various reasons.

English Ivy plant has been cultivated for centuries, and is well known for its gloriously green shiny leaves and its ability to hang in there when many other plants would give up. English Ivy flowers from late summer through late autumn, producing umbrellas which develop into small black berries which grow in late winter.

1English Ivy also attract many species of wildlife by providing nesting areas, shelter, and wintertime forage in the form of the late ripening berries. English Ivy can be bought in the spring at most of the chain home improvement stores, but for better quality it is advised to always shop from a professional nursery.

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