Dog training collars-merchandise of technologies

Dogs are brilliant creatures & when they are taken into our homes, they are not pets but they become an element of the family. As well as a well-trained dog is a joy to be around. Training a dog is the key part of turning a nice dog in to a great.

Dog training collar are an important part of successfully raising a healthy & happy dog. Well trained canines are more stable, & they have a tendency to behave better in all instances. While there’s lots of different techniques for training canines, of the most effective ways is through the use of dog collars. It is also important to make positive a dog has identification on him at all times, while they are still being trained in basic commands.

656722There are different types of training collars available in the market. Choke collars are the most common kind. They are made up of a series of chain links. They stay loose around the dog’s neck & when the dog pulls on the leash, it tightens around its neck. This way, if the dog makes a mistake & the owner pulls on the leash, the dog will understand that it is doing something wrong. When the chain is tightened, the dog’s wind is cut off & it is brought up short. For this reason, the dog will refrain from repeating the same mistake again. If used harshly, they may even cause the dog to choke & gasp. Therefore it is necessary to make use of it in the right way.

Pinch collars are designed along the same principle of choke collars, except in lieu of choking, they pinch the dog. They look like torturous devices because of its appearance. But they are better than choke collars because canines are less likely to become injured with the use of pinch collars.

The least common type of collars that are used is Electronic collars, more often known as Shock collars. These collars deliver a slight shock to the dog’s neck when a remote button is pressed. These are not popular because sometimes they do more harm than lovely. They have a tendency to erode the dog’s confidence & may cause the dog react violently. These are only used in extreme situations & with difficult canines.

After selecting a dog collar that most closely fits your situation, use it consistently & with a process of rewards & positive encouragement. With time & patience, the dog will learn to listen to your commands & understand who is boss.

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