Remote Dog Training Collar-Boon or curse

Professional dog trainers use a long leash to train the dog, but in case you need to train it yourself, you will struggle either to make use of the long leash, or to receive results without it. There are leashes that can extend to long distances, but at such distances the verbal commands are difficult to be heard by your dog, & he will take advantage of this by doing what he desires. The nice news is that animal specialists have come up with a useful way to overcome the deficiencies of leash training – the Remote Dog Training Collar.


Remote dog training collars are a double edged sword. One hand they are terrible torture devices for your dog. On the other hand, they can be useful for training purposes. The fine line between them being used for nice & used for bad all falls on the way you use it.

Just as its name implies, this special type of collar can be operated by remote means such that there is no need for any kind of physical containment measures like a long leash or a perimeter fence. All the electronic remote dog training devices are fundamentally composed of main parts, the collar and the transmitter, both of them needed when you need to train your dog.

The remote dog training collar, if used, ought to only be used for a limited amount of time. It ought to only be used for training purposes. It should not be kept on a regular basis; the metal prongs will dig in to the dog neck & could cause an infection.

If you do choose to make use of the remote dog training collar keep in mind a few simple rules. First, never use it as punishment. That will make your dog run away from it and try its hardest to not wear it. Second, only keep it on for a limited amount of time. One time training is done, take it off and treat and reward your dog for doing a lovely job. Finally, try to discover a different method of training. Depending on what you are training for, you might discover a method that works better. Don’t use a remote dog training collar for basic obedience that is a small over kill.

The Remote Dog Training Collar overcomes the deficiencies of leash training. The Remote Dog Training Collar is effective up to between 100 and 500 yards. You can train your dog wherever you require.

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