Steadfast Dodge Ram 250

One of the best trucks out there is the Dodge Ram. Of coursework, Ram has since spun off in to its own brand, and while still owned and operated by Chrysler, Ram is now its own entity. While the Dodge Ram has made a sizable splash as of the most reliable vehicles on the road today, it also has several different features that are going to make it desirable in the new model year.
Ram has continued to offer something a tiny bit different form the remainder of the competition. This has made it of the most sought after vehicles because of this notion. Ram is the only manufacturer that lets you buy a half ton, 1500 pickup that comes with a diesel engine. In fact, only a few other manufacturers produce (or sell) diesel vehicles inside the United States.

8There has been rising growth in the business of this van, from the time it was launched. The company initially started with ‘Light duty trucks’ & ‘Medium duty trucks’ & when it got gripped place in the market, it started with the ‘Heavy trucks’ business to strengthen its grip. They started with automobile like features & time to time developed with a different van that had an identity of its brand. The specialty of the Dodge trucks can be said as “the trucks that never looks like the trucks”. They have changed the whole definition & dimension of trucks & trucking in the world.
If you are looking to buy the heavy-duty Ram truck, than you are in need of the dodge ram 2500 & the 3500. These heavy duty trucks are going to offer you a 6.4 liter Hemi engine in the type of a V8. The Hemi gives you 410 horsepower & 439 pound feet of torque, or you can always upgrade to the HD Ram.
The Ram comes with the Cummins diesel engine, with the standard beginning at 350 horsepower & 660 pound feet of torque, or there is the 370 horsepower with 800 pound feet of torque. The top of the line turbo diesel automatic engine, ought to you need all of the additional power & towing capacity, is going to give you a top of the line 385 horsepower & 850 pound feet of torque. With this type of power, you can tow up to 30,000 pounds with of goods.
A few other changes on the vehicles are the 18 & 20-inch wheels & new colors, such as the Blue Streak & the Granite Crystal. You can also opt for the crew cab, for additional doors ought to you need more room than the front cab. And, the 2014 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab gives you the ability to tow up to 37,500 pounds.
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