Dodge Ram Australia-Truck of the year

The Dodge Ram is a continuation of the revamped model introduced a few years earlier, and remains of the toug10hest trucks in the half-ton class. It is offered in 1500, 2500, 3500 and other sizes along with gasoline and diesel engines. A few features were added for the coming season mostly being technological upgrades for drivers inside the cabin. Dodge is still betting on the idea that only two different cab styles will offer customization and appeal to it is customers. Feasible the most alluring aspect of these trucks is the fact that they can be bought with the infamous engine which is renowned for it is power and smoothness.

Dodge Ram Australia has long been the third most popular van in Australia behind the Chevy Silverado & Ford F150.

Dodge can offer some of the best hauling and towing capabilities because of its strengthened frame from a brand spanking new forging process that has made it up to thrice as strong. That means that the van is more reliable than ever for heavy duty work.

Though the full size pickup van class has become even more competitive the Ram is still a worthy competitor. Buyers looking for a van that can haul and tow huge amounts must think about of these models. A comparable Ram can usually haul more weight. Except for the lackluster fuel economy the Ram is a great van that offers owner enjoyment in lots of different ways.

Dodge trucks are of those branded trucks in the market possessing high goodwill. These trucks were developed in such stunning designs, features, and models and have captured all the market of automotive within few years. This is the brand name which has won three consecutive awards in a year as ‘Trucks of the year ‘.

There has been rising growth in the business of this van, from the time it was launched. The company initially started with ‘Light duty trucks’ and ‘Medium duty trucks’ and when it got gripped place in the market, it started with the ‘Heavy trucks’ business to strengthen its grip. They started with automobile like features and time to time developed with a different van that had an identity of its brand. The specialty of the Dodge trucks can be said as “the trucks that seldom looks like the trucks”. They have changed the whole definition and dimension of trucks and trucking in the world.

In summation, the Ram is a great van for those who require to do some seriously work. Lower finish packages are where the Ram probably is not the best of competitors, but they are fund trucks to drive nevertheless.

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