Attributes of Pinus Monticola: Pine Wood in India

In the memory of the older building craftsmen white pine has an excellent past. Its extensive employment for all manner of building exteriors acquainted all of those men with its great strength and fine working qualities.

Considering the finishes which are best for white pine first reveal ought to be made of painted & enameled finishes. White pine has no better-quality when it comes to forming a permanent & satisfactory foundation for paint & enamel. Its soft, fine texture & its tendency of staying where you put it, avoiding bending, swelling opening of joints, etc., gives it primary position for these finishes. Then it’s passive grain & figure, the lack of strongly contrasting streaky make it feasible, to cover & hide this light colored wood with fewer coats of paint than is feasible with other pine woods in India.Pine wood in India

  1. Identity

Western White Pine (Pinus monticola)

  1. Type


  1. Other Names

Also Called as Idaho white pine, mountain pine, white pine, & silver pine.

  1. Sources

Grows in western United States & Canada.

  1. Look

Straight and even grained with a medium to coarse texture. Cream colored to light reddish brown heartwood that cast a shadow on exposure and yellowish white sapwood. Analogous to eastern white pine in look.

  1. Physical Props

Light, soft, moderately stiff, low strength and shock resistance, moderately low decay resistance, and good stability in service.

  1. Working Props

Turns, planes, and usually works well with machine or hand tools. Steam-bends well. Glues satisfactorily. Holds nails and screws well without require to pre-drill. Paints and finishes well but watch out for blotchiness when staining.

  1. Uses

Used for building construction, boxes, crates, matches, statues, prototypes, millwork, fixtures, caskets, paneling, and plywood.

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