DECbridge 90 Product Information

The DECbridge 90 is a specialized LAN (local area network) tool that connects Ethernet or IEEE 802.3 LANs to form a single extended LAN. LAN, frequently called the backbone, can consist of an unobstructed number of stations. The other LAN, often called the work group, is usually the smaller of the LANs. The work group LAN is normally restricted to 200 stations.

There are models of the DECbridge 90. Both models connect to the work group with a Thin Wire (10Base2) connection, and have the choice to connect to the backbone using either an integral transceiver or a 15-pin AUI connection. The DECbridge 90 includes an integral transceiver for a Thin Wire (10Base2) backbone connection. The DECbridge 90FL contains an integral transceiver for a fiber optic (10BaseFL) connection.

The DECbridge 90 firmware contains parts: the Flash part, and the base part. The decbridgepart (also called FPROM) contains the console command language, remote network management, hub management, and the spanning tree algorithms. This upgrade replaces only the Flash part. Before performing this upgrade, your DECbridge 90 ought to contain the FPROM one.5, FPROM one.6, FPROM three.0 or above. After the upgrade, it will be FPROM three.9. This version number is displayed when you connect to the DECbridge 90 management console.

The base (or ROM) part contains the analytics, algorithms for loading the Flash ROM, & the application assist to the ridging algorithms. The base part is not changed by the upgrade. Your base part ROM version (for e.g.; 1.14 or 2.1) will stay the same. The base part firmware version is linked to the hardware revision. Older DEWGB units with base part firmware Version one.14 are often called “Version 1” hardware. All DEWGF & newer DEWGB units are “Version 2” hardware & use base part firmware V2.1 or V2.2.

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