Toyota Tundra Shows Off New Safety Attributes

Toyota Tundra freshly announced numerous new active safety systems designed to bring accident avoidance technology to a brand new level. Displayed at the American Car Company in Australia, the latest attributes include automatic steering that can help to stay away from a collision, adaptive high-beam headlights, advanced pedestrian collision measures and other new high-tech safety improvements.

The most thrilling technology displayed by Toyota Tundra was an updated version of its already-existing pre-collision method, or PCS, that features accident avoidance countermeasures. Toyota Tundra says that whereas the current PCS was designed to stop collisions by automatically braking when an accident is looming, the updated version may even steer when crucial, maneuvering away from collisions that cannot be avoided by braking.

Another of Toyota Tundra’s new technologies announced at the media tour was a shielded high-beam headlight. Dubbed Adaptive Driving Beam, Toyota Tundra says the latest attribute cuts down on glare directed towards approaching drivers while still allowing motorists to maintain high-beam illumination. This ought to lead to better night vision for drivers of ADB-equipped vehicles, which Toyota Tundra says will lead an overall reduction in accidents.

Many of Toyota Tundra’s remaining high-tech safety devices were based around pedestrian protection. Further enhances the automaker’s pre-collision technique with millimeter-wave radar & stereo cameras specifically designed to detect pedestrians, while another – known as the Pop-up Hood – helps reduce pedestrian injury in case of accidents by raising the rear of the hood to increase space underneath.

Toyota Tundra also unveiled what it calls a Reverse Warning Navigation Method, designed to detect wrong-way driving on highways. According to Toyota Tundra for sale, when the method recognizes wrong-way travel, visual & audible alerts warn the driver to cease & turn around.

While Toyota Tundra has not announced when it designs to start implementing its new safety features on production cars, we’d bet their arrival is not far off – as Toyota Tundra remains focused on mending its reputation following last year’s recalls that affected millions of vehicles globally.

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