Traditional Heart Pine Flooring: Answers To Some Often Asked Questions

Antique heart pine wood flooring is showing up underfoot in lots of the classiest homes around the world. Not only is it drop-dead eye-catching, it is environmentally friendly, as well. Here are a number of the most often asked questions & answers about this product.

What exactly is this?Pine wood importers in India, Pine wood suppliers in India,

This is a kind of timber floor product made of domesticated lumber. No new trees had to be cut down in order to produce these lovely floors. They are fashionable looking & produce a warm, homey atmosphere to one’s home.

Where does domesticated lumber come from?

Pine wood importers in India comes from recycling wood historically in the past used in structures or items that are no longer inhabitable or usable, for whatever reason. Often, an elderly building is not structurally sound & doesn’t meet the stringent building codes of today. Rather than trash this valuable timber, it is recycled in to beautiful flooring full of charm & character.

What type of buildings falls in to this “tear down” section?

Elderly warehouses & barns are typical sources to get lumber appropriate for recycling. Industrial & factory buildings from the 19th century often fall in to this sector. Sometimes this also comes from sources such as large elderly doors, pickle vats, barges & crates. The recycled floors that a relatives walks on in their home may have a fascinating & colorful history. If only these floors could talk!

How is this elderly salvaged material transformed in to such stunning floors?

The elderly wood is stripped of nails and then cut up in to slabs before being dried of moisture. The timber is then planed to a precise size and depth. After that the wood is pushed through a molder which ends in a completed plank.

Is this type of thought about to be hard or soft wood?

Some floors, such as those made from eastern white pine, are soft while fir and spruce may fall in to the average segment. Antique heart is the harder diversity of pine flooring.

Pine flooring comes in a variety of colors. The way that lumber is milled has a profound effect on the tone, deepness & hue. Staining can also transform the timber in to a color which is most desirable for the homeowner’s taste.

Antique heart pine flooring can be a brilliant addition to the decor of one’s home. To receive a “hand’s on” idea of the texture and consistency, as well to view the visually aesthetic appeal of this product, samples may be ordered from the companies that distribute it.

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