HP AlphaServer GS1280

It’s difficult to discover a stronger, more reliable performer that provides better value than the HP AlphaServer GS1280 process. If the AlphaServer GS1280 process is already running your IT, you previously know what a powerhouse platform it is for telecommunications, business intelligence, business applications, high-performance technical computing (HPTC), and server consolidation. With up to 64 EV7z one.3 GHz processors, HP AlphaServer GS1280 systems deliver up to times the performance over earlier 32-way systems.gs1280

While getting much more done with a lot less hardware, the HP AlphaServer GS1280 method has also proven the most reliable AlphaServer method ever designed. The high-level integration of the EV7 system-on-a-chip means dramatically fewer parts and corresponding higher reliability. In fact, after years of operation involving over 600 systems in diverse locations throughout the world, the AlphaServer GS1280 method has proven to be the most reliable AlphaServer method ever.

The AlphaServer GS1280 system’s ability to generate partitions as tiny as processors is yet another attribute that delivers increased suppleness & worth. While the ability to partition is obtainable on all EV7-based AlphaServer systems, HP AlphaServer GS1280 method partitions can virtually deliver up to 32 systems depending on the configuration you select.

These partitions can run OpenVMS & Tru64 UNIX along with different purposes. This gives you the capability to create or test an application in partition while other partitions handle your operational workload.

The HP AlphaServer GS1280 process proudly sits at the highest finish of obtainable servers & continues to be a widely popular solution for the most demanding enterprises.


  • Up to 64 Alpha 21364 EV7 processors at 1300 MHz and 1150 MHz with advanced on-chip memory controllers and switch logic able to providing 12.3 GB/s of memory bandwidth per processor
  • Choice of memory options; up to 8 GB of RDRAM memory per CPU supported (512 GB total for a 64P technique)
  • Redundant features providing maximum uptime – N+1 Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs); hot- plug redundant power supplies; cooling provided by hot-plug redundant technique fans; dual AC input is standard
  • Optional RAID memory support
  • Standard I/O Drawer with 11 configurable PCI-X/PCI slots and AGP slot; hot-swap power supplies
  • High-performance I/O Drawer with eight PCI-X slots @133 MHz; hot-swap power supplies
  • Enhanced reliability with ECC-protected memory, processor cache, and technique knowledge paths

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