The Evergreen Seiko SKX007

The Seiko SKX007 is regarded as ever green divers watch from the Seiko. Its first production was completed in 1996 & even today it is in high demand. The preliminary cost offered for this watch is $140 without any shipping charges from eBay. It belongs to 7200 series divers’ watch of Seiko. This watch became so famous because of its case back design introduced for the first time. SKX007 is often regarded as the base model to design new models such as SKXA55K & SKXA53K. SKX007 is made available in different versions namely Seiko watch SKX007 J & Seiko modal SKX007K. Both the models are prepared in Japan with a minor variety in its presentation to the buyers.Seiko SKX007

The SKX007J model tagged with 21 jewels & Divers 200m text on its bottom for specially attracting the divers. Seiko SKX007K is mostly identified as garden variety. Cost wise both the models are significant with Seiko modal SKX007J costing over K version because of its exclusivity. ‘J’ version supports English & Arabic languages whereas ‘K’ version supports English & Roman. When compared to its earlier versions Seiko SKX007 comes with a lumed dot that helps to indicate watch is walking or not when you are at deep depths of sea.


Seiko SKX007 perfectly suits for divers & comparatively small in size when compared to its earlier versions. Visibility of dial is excellent & time reading is breeze. The minute & hour hands are arrow formed that point to the exact time. SKX007 is special among the divers because you can basically modify its case, bezel & dial whenever you need. This feature is found to be attractive & unique when compared to all other models offered from Seiko. This make Seiko versatile & master timepiece for sports for diving. Virtually there is no limit for modification & that depends on your imagination & budget. The diameter of this watch is 42mm without crown & 45mm with crown. Its thickness is about 12.7mm.

Seiko SKX007 specifications:

  • Hardlex crystal glass
  • Non hacking automatic movement
  • Beat rate is about 6 beats per second
  • Lumibrite is the luminous material used
  • Stainless steel constructed body
  • Seiko SKX007J cased in Japan and Seiko SKX007K cased in China
  • Screw in crown type
  • Its Bezel is in unidirectional and has 120 graduations
  • Powered by 7S26 automatic movement

With its countless features & cheap cost it gained the sizable popularity in all these years.

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