Get A Attractive Dark Stain Color With Pine Wood

In case you need to finish a trim or furniture piece made of pine, and you are looking to stain the pine wood dark, you could encounter trouble obtaining the rich, dark-colored shade you are looking for.

Staining pine wood dark involves some tricks of the trade.

Starting out, with any staining task, you require to give the piece a nice finishing sanding. You are going to require to do this by hand. Pine wood is softwood, & by using a power sander, you risk getting some deep scratches that will rear their ugly head after staining. There is no simple way out of this, a manual sanding job is necessary.

To get a dark stain finish, use 100-grit sandpaper or a medium grit sanding sponge. The sanding sponge is best for trim molding that has curves & fine crevices. It is the best choice for conforming & getting in to the nooks & crannies.

Why sand at a slight angle? Pine wood grain is characterized by the light-colored, softer earlywood & darker, harder latewood. In case you don’t cut across the grain ever a lot, you are going to sand down more earlywood than latewood & finish up with a comparatively wavy surface, than the flawlessly flat surface you are hoping to accomplish.

For a darker final finish color, don’t sand with grit any finer than medium or 100-grit. What you are doing with a medium grit sanding is opening the pores of the Pine Wood manufacturers in India which will permit the wood to soak up more stain. What you don’t need to do is use a fine sanding sponge or 180-grit (or higher) sandpaper. After a thorough sand job, vacuum the wood and then remove all remaining dust by wiping it down with a tack rag.

Finished pine can look blotchy because of reasons: the different growth cycles and how the piece of wood was cut. To eliminate this disagreeable issue, pick up a can of pre-stain wood conditioner at your local home middle or paint store. The wood conditioner works by closing off a quantity of the larger wood pores; this reduces stain absorption in those areas.

Nevertheless, using the wood conditioner makes it more challenging to stain pine dark. Yet provided you are utilizing a dark oil-based penetrating stain, you can get the dark shade you desire.

Stick to the instructions on the can for the wood conditioner. I recommend applying stain as soon as the manufacturer recommends (usually after about 15 minutes or so). You don’t require to let the wood conditioner dry as it may block the wood pores & it could be difficult to get the deep, dark color you’d like.

How you get the stain on the wood is not important. You can use a foam brush, regular brush, or tidy cloth. Apply generously. Make sure you keep the drips to a maximum. The key to lovely stain penetration is to wait the maximum amount of time before wiping off the stain. You need to wipe off the stain right before it starts getting tacky.

In the event the piece is not as dark as you’d expected, don’t throw in the towel. Basically wait at least a day or more for the stain to fully dry. Then, repeat the staining technique outlined above. With each additional coat, your resulting wood finish will take on an additional richness & darker tone.

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