DECbrouter 90 multiprotocol bridging router

The DECbrouter 90 multiprotocol bridging router provides seamless network access for remote sites connecting to the enterprise network. The result of a joint development work between Digital and Cisco Systems, Inc., the product combines Digital’s innovative, modular DEChub hardware with the rich suite of networking protocols offered in Cisco’s IOS program. This provides DECbrouter 90 with matchless multiprotocol interoperability across WAN connections with Digital routers, Cisco routers and Cisco OEM routers offered by other vendors.decbrouter

Like all the members of the DEChub relatives, DECbrouter 90 works as a standalone bridging router or as a module within a DEChub clever hub. DECbrouter 90 is available in versions — 802.3/Ethernet to a single T1/E1 port, & 802.3/Ethernet to T1/E1 port & 64 kilobit per second port. In addition, the product supports the following network protocols: TCP/IP, DECnet Phase IV, DECnet/OSI, CLNP [OSI], Novell IPX, AppleTalk Phase II, Xerox XNS, Banyan Vines, SNA/SDLC; routing protocols: IGRP/EIGRP, Integrated IS-IS, ISO IS-IS, RIP, EGP, BGP3/4, OSPF, IPX RIP, AppleTalk RTMP; bridging protocols: IEEE 802.1d; knowledge inks: HDLC, PPP, X.25, Frame Relay, SMDS; & management (Console/Telnet, SNMP).

Key Features And Their Benefits:

Flash Memory            

Program is pre-loaded on the DECbrouter 90 flash memory, eliminating downline loading requirements.


BGP4 supports classless interdomain routing, which lets you reduce the size of routing tables by generating the aggregate routes leading to supernets. This will permit the core routers in the Web to handle the growing number of routers without consuming memory at a rate linear to growth.


Full interoperability with all installed Cisco & Cisco-based router products.


Synchronous serial interfaces support point-to-point compression. Information Compression is supported when using LAPB or Multi-LAPB for increased through put and shorter file transfer time and lower line charges.

PPP Information Link Support for Bridging & IPX      

This feature now provides DECbrouter 90 industry standard interoperability over the wide                 area network.

Frame Relay Sub interfaces    

With V10.06 application the DECbrouter 90 can now treat Frame Relay as a LAN or point-top-point WAN providing improved interoperability with the DECNIS relatives of backbone                  routers over Frame Relay networks.

Prerequisite Hardware:             

Listed below are the prerequisite DECbrouter 90 method part numbers identifying the version hardware platforms necessary to run V10.06 application:

DEWB1-DA, -DD, -DE, -DK, -DT, -DX, -DZ, -EJ, -NA
DEWBR-DA, -DD, -DE, -DK, -DT, -DX, -DZ, -EJ, -NA
DEWB2-DA, -DD, -DE, -DK, -DT, -DX, -DZ, -EJ, -NA
Prerequisite Software:

DECbrouter 90 operates on any 802.3/Ethernet network. All necessary programs is pre-loaded, therefore, no additional program is necessary.

For more details about DECbrouter, feel free to click on:

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