Satellite Communication Technologies

1Satellites can provide global, ubiquitous and multipoint communications. Communication by satellites becomes increasingly stunning and is feasible anywhere in the world. Satellite telecoms communication and global roaming is feasible by voice and information services. An ISP is set up with a satellite communications space segment, carrier class telecoms network and web backbone which is sent to a satellite telecoms network. Satellite communication expertise is the key to successful business communication and the ability of a company to provide efficient service to their clients.

Satellite Carrier Monitoring Technique (SCL-ADSA) has been designed as a satellite reconnaissance device to be used by Intelligence and Government Organizations in order to find new signals as well as hidden/discreet (Military / Diplomatic) satellite signals. The technique is also used to conduct a site survey based on the knowledge collected on interested satellite foot prints.

Advantages of Satellite Communication:- 19

  • Cost of satellite capacity does not enhance with the number of users/receive sites, or with the distance between communication points.
  • Communications satellites cover all land masses and there is growing capacity to serve maritime and even aeronautical markets.
  • Satellite communications can work independently from terrestrial infrastructure.
  • Satellites effectively support on a worldwide basis all forms of communications ranging from simple point-of-sale validation to bandwidth intensive multimedia applications.
  • Satellites are also on the frontiers of such advanced applications as telemedicine, distance learning, Voice over Net Protocol (VoIP) & video on demand (VOD).
  • Compared to the optical fiber communication, satellite communication has the advantages that, quality of transmitted signal and location of sending and receiving stations are independent of distance.
  • With satellite Web service you are always connected so you won’t must waste time logging on.
  • The major benefit is speed. Satellite Net provides connection speeds up to 50 times faster than 56k dialup service. satellite net is a over rewarding service as the highest download speeds are well in excess of what the typical residential net user will require.

Dis-advantages of Satellite Communication:-

  • Between talks, there is a time gap which becomes annoying. This time delay also reduces the efficiency of satellite in information transmission.
  • An imperfect impedance match may cause echo, received back after a delay. Echo suppressor has to be used.
  • Immense preliminary cost
  • Repair of satellite is impossible, once it’s been launched.

Satellite Web makes use of a satellite. An Web provider sends a signal to a satellite hovering above the earth. The satellite then relays that signal to a satellite dish which in turn sends it to a router and then to your computer. Satellite Intercept/Interception systems for Iridium, Inmarsat Mini M, M and new ISat Phone Pro as well as various V-Sat systems are available in both Tactical and Strategic formats. You can also log in our net site to know more information about Satellite.

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