Cheap Discounted Postage Services throughout the World

RANDlogistics offers you cheap discounted postage services throughout the world using market leading courier delivery services. Your packages will travel through safe secure global courier networks that are designed to get your parcel where it needs to be.


Albania officially known as the Republic of Albania is a country in South Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south and southeast. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. It is less than 72 km (45 mi) from Italy, across the Strait of Otranto which links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea. Albania is a parliamentary democracy. As of 2011, the capital, Tirana, was home to 421,286 of the country’s 2,831,741 people within the city limits, 763,634 in the metropolitan area.

Sending parcel to Albania is so simple with RANDlogistics. We have made every step of our booking method as quick and hassle free as realistic so that every experience you have with us is an optimistic. Many people think sending parcel abroad is a complicated & pricey task, but this doesn’t be the case & you might be surprised at how speedy & cheap it is to send a parcel to Albania if you prefer to use our services.

Our website is astonishingly simple .It will show you the best delivery options, as well as provide you a knowledge on transit times and estimated delivery dates. All the knowledge is shown to you in a clear and concise way so that you know exactly what the cost is, as well as what the additional benefits are.

Not only do we have the best website but we have also got the best customer support team in the industry which is always one step ahead to help you. Our phone number and live chat options are also available, in case you have any questions.

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