Cellular Jamming and Jammers by Comstrac

logoCell Phones are in all places. They are no more a status symbol that they was one time when they were introduced. The quick proliferation of the cell rings across the world has made them ubiquitous even in small hamlets as in massive towns and cities. Since a cell phone has become an cheap and popular communication tool, its immense communication potential can be manipulated for nefarious designs. Cell Phone can be used for academic malpractices, corporate espionage, antisocial, terrorist and disruptive activities and far more.

A mobile phone jammer is a device that is used to obstruct the cellular rings from receiving and transmitting information or signals to the base station. Mobile phone jammers were originally developed for use by the military and law enforcement authorities to monitor and interrupt communications of the criminals and the terrorists. The mobile phone jammers are now used by public departments and private bodies to disable all the cell rings operating in the targeted area. The aim of using the jammers is to control the disruptive or incendiary use of the cell rings. The locales which the jammers usually target are the places of worship such as church buildings, temples, mosques, libraries, film theaters, classrooms, examination centers, conference and meeting rooms and other areas where silence needs to be observed.

Cellular Jamming and Jammers is a useful gadget, which was newly launched in all over the India. It can work by either troubling phone to base station frequencies or base station to phone frequencies. This causes disturbances with the communication between cell rings and towers to make the rings operational. It is an upgraded model of jammer products. Their functionality is similar, its radius up to 40 meters and area covered by high power network jammer is over any other jammers.

7These Cellular phone jammers are useful for these individuals who are stuffed with obligations. As far as the expertise of these jammers is concerned, they work much like the radio jammers. Actually, these jammers are technologically sound to jam or block the magnetic radio signals from reaching the mobile rings and other types of rings.

Bomb jammers are in use around the globe. They can supply simple hand held and transportable cellular jammers all the way up to wideband vehicle mounted high power IED jammers for military convoys and VIP protection. To know more about you can visit our site http://www.comstrac.com

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