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1A virus is computer code that somehow finds its way in to your computer without your knowledge. It interact along with your computer’s operating method and memory and does troublesome things in your computer, often without your knowledge. Most people don’t even know they have been infected by a virus until, all of a sudden, their computer slows down to a crawl or doesn’t work at all. This happens when the virus is using all the available memory that was time used to run your programs.

Computer viruses can fundamentally spread from computer to another by attaching itself to programs and files. Oftentimes, because the user is not aware of malicious files and programs, they initiate it and this causes the activation within the computer.


There are plenty of anti-virus programs you can pick from which will enable you to protect your computer. Our Computer blog help prevent computer viruses by updating windows regularly & installing virus protection programs. Virus updates ought to be completed at least one time a week To be able to catch up using the latest spreading viruses, superior antivirus program programs will need to often have update on its virus definitions database from time to time. Trend Micro has a free online virus scanner.

Some virus programs appear to have been sent by a mate or a company you have emailed before. Most come from unidentified sources. One time opened they work by pulling names out of a computer’s address book and using them to further spread the virus. You can set your e-mail to accept plain text only. Some viruses are even programmed to instruct your computer to show you only the plain text but can still infect your computer with hidden malicious code.

Downloading the latest patch for your process can stop a number of these viruses. You need to get the latest protection that is out there. Get them from the company site. Trojan is a code that hides from you. A trojan has the ability to automatically infect a computer. MooSoft developed The Cleaner for detecting & removing trojans in your computer.

There’s plenty of quality anti virus computer application makers to selected from. Hackers use automated programs to break in to systems and are used by virus writers. The use of a firewall will help prevent this. Zone Labs offers a free basic firewall.

Keeping informed and using lovely judgment is always the best prevention.For more information just visit the

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