UL924 Emergency Lighting Approved: What UL 924 Means To You

While browsing our stock for a brand spanking new emergency light or exit sign, you have mostly likely stumbled on the term “UL 924 listed” and the claim that this requirement makes the fixture suitable for use all over the United States. Without a tiny more knowledge (like this weblog post, for example) that claims is pointless. A label displaying UL compliance ensures that the emergency fixtures installed in your building meet the fire safety codes that must be observed by all commercial locations.

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is a self-governing testing organization that has been certifying various products’ safeties for over 100 years. There are UL listings for categories such as laboratory tools, fire extinguishers, different types of wiring, & lots of other classifications. UL 924 specifically deals with the “Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment.” Emergency lights & exit signs fall under this segment, so they must be UL924 Emergency Lighting Approved listed for full agreement.

For an emergency light to be thought about UL 924 compliant, it must supply at least 90 minutes of battery powered enlightenment. This gives the building’s occupants ample time to evacuate without panic. The interior battery is forever hardwired to the core power supply so it is constantly charged in case of emergency. It is also essential that the emergency light provides illumination routinely and immediately after power failure.

Exit signs follow a related set of regulations for the UL 924 listing. The Underwriters Laboratory does not care if the exit sign’s letters are red or green, but it is necessary that they are at least six inches tall with a stroke thickness of 3/4 inch and spaced out 3/8 inch from each other. UL 924 and NFPA 101 have set a maximum luminance of .06 ft. lamberts and a viewing distance of 100 ft. There are omissions to this regulation but the exit signs must be marked with the viewable space of 50, 75, or 100 ft according to their completion of the check.

UL listings may not be the most fascinating part of emergency lights and exit signs, but they are necessary. Keep in mind: your fixtures must be UL listed and all of ours are. You do the math.

About Author: OnLine Power was one of the first company in our industry to demonstrate its commitment to quality for our customers by earning ISO 9001 certification in 1995. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system standard with requirements spanning the total operations of OnLine Power, from the time you place your order to well after delivery.

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