Benefits of Furnished Short Term accommodations

Hotels are still a preferred selection for those who can have the funds for it when in require of a short term accommodation, but for those who are looking to save some funds can go for furnished short term rentals which are gaining increasingly popularity as an affordable accommodation.

Furnished short term rentals are furnished apartments available for rent for any period. You cannot find any difference at the first glance, but in case you look at the rates for long stay you can save lots of funds for your extended stay. These apartments are an ideal choice for travelers who must stay at a place for at least a week away from home. Stay in a hotel room for a month won’t help if you have a tight budget to travel; short terms luxury rentals in Paris are there to help you as a less pricey alternative to hotels.789-1

There is no difference except prices serviced apartments provide the same levels of comfort as hotels provide. One of the differences between hotel & apartment is that you receive a full service kitchen with apartment against a room of the hotel. With bigger space in apartments it often comes with various amenities, which most of the hotels doesn’t provide. With attached kitchen you can save more funds by cooking your own meal as against expensive food in hotel, restaurant.

Hotels provide luxurious amenities for leisure travelers while furnished apartments for rent are specifically designed for travelers on a tight budget who cannot afford a hotel stay for a long time period.

Furnished apartments are designed to make you feel like home away from home. Furnished short term rentals are the most suitable choice for business travelers or corporate who are going to a brand spanking new city for business purpose.
There is a misconception about short term rentals that they provide different level of comfort from hotels. Serviced apartments, corporate housing whatever people call it nowadays, but they are all same. Since these housing facilities can be present in suburban areas of the city some think that these apartments are found closer to the middle of the city.

You may even find various types of short term furnished rentals within the city. These kinds of apartments is preferred by travelers who are on a business trip due to the convenience of not having to commute far to conduct their business meetings, saving them their travel funds & time that often paid by their company.

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