Before buying, know the different types of Power Inverter

A power inverter converts DC power into conventional AC power which can run all kinds of household products such as: kitchen appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, radios, computers & more. All you require to do is to connect the inverter to a battery, then plug your AC devices in to the inverter & you have got power on the go.

Literally, Power Inverters are little rectangular devices that have a trailing wire with a jack that plugs directly in to the cigarette lighter on the dashboard. They might also come with jumper-like cables for connecting directly to a battery.

Battery backup system (Power inverters) produces different types of wave output:1

Square Wave power Inverters

Square wave inverters lead to uneven power delivery that is not efficient for jogging most devices. These inverters were the first types of inverters made & are obsolete. This is also the least pricey & least desirable type. Don’t even think about of these types of power inverters for a home process.

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters

Modified-sine wave & square wave inverters are the most popular & the most common types of power inverters on the market. Modified square wave (modified sine wave) inverters deliver power that is consistent & efficient to run most devices fine.

Modified-sine wave power inverters produce a power wave that is for most devices. The power wave is not the exact same as electricity from the power grid but this type of inverter delivers power that is consistent and efficient to run most devices such as:

Mobile phone chargers, Laptops, Computers, Some fluorescent lights, drills and jigsaws, tiny fridges, Hairdryers and electric shavers.

However, some appliances that utilize motor speed controls or utilizing timers may not work properly with a Modified Sine Wave inverter. Modified Sine Wave power inverters were merely suggested for less important installations such as a camping cabin.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters

Pure Sine Wave (True sine wave) Inverters deliver the most consistent wave output. This type of power inverter produces the closest to a pure sine wave of all power inverters and in plenty of cases produces cleaner power than the utility company itself. It will run practically on any type of AC equipment.

Pure sine wave inverters are the costliest, but they also deliver the mainly steady wave output. Some sensitive equipment requires a sine wave, like definite medical equipment & variable speed or rechargeable tools like oxygen concentrators, fax machines, laser printers, high voltage cordless device chargers, variable speed motors, electric razors, & garage door openers.

So always use a power inverter that is rated high for the device(s) you are jogging & avoid adapters that would permit more outlets than the unit is designed to accommodate.

About Author: OnLine Power was one of the first company in our industry to demonstrate its commitment to quality for our customers by earning ISO 9001 certification in 1995. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system standard with requirements spanning the total operations of OnLine Power, from the time you place your order to well after delivery.

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