Freedom on My Electric Bicycle

One of the nice things about being in the electrical bicycle industry is the rewarding feedback you get from those who hadn’t ridden a bicycle for years and years, but can now enjoy the freedom and pleasure of bicycle riding.

Many are physically challenged, and have health issues such as heart issues, arthritis, as well as a host of other complaints that make riding a traditional bicycle arduous. Some feel they have grown elderly and lack the strength and stamina to push the pedals, not to mention go up hills. Owning an e bikes Australia can be like winning back a new lease on life, enabling the historically in the past restricted to again enjoy the outside when they require, which creates a feeling of greater independence and accomplishment.3bea8b4920cb0d41fa591fd349d1f9d4

“I’m able to get out and about now, ordinary things like riding to the cafe nearby with my partner and enjoying the daylight on a pleasant day, where historically in the past, I had to take the automobile.” “It’s a great feeling to be suddenly able to do things you have not been able to do for a very long time, it feels liberating.” These are a couple out of the numerous comments we have had from electric bicycle owners.

As the average age of the inhabitants rises, the requirement for mobility products is steadily increasing. But lots of people are not prepared for a mobility scooter, they require something that makes them feel more youthful and robust, and that is where an electric bicycle comes in. It is a convenient bridge between a standard bicycle as well as a mobility scooter.

For the uninitiated; electric bikes can take the work out of pedaling by helping pedaling hard work with motor power. This is called pedal assist, or PAS. Fundamentally what happens is when the pedal is moved a sensor activates the motor in the hub of the wheel providing the power. Jogging can be easy depending on the incline. Several electric bikes have different modes that can be changed by the flick of a switch whilst riding.

You could, for example, turn the power off & ride as a standard bicycle in the event you want additional exercise, or ebike mode which means using the throttle for power when you require a short boost of power. This means you can obtain the greatest of both worlds, whether it is work out, or power assist when you call for it.

It’s best to pick a bicycle that is light & transportable, which will open up much more options. Folding electric bikes have the additional plus of being highly transportable. Some can be folded in seconds & transported in the boot of the automobile, etc. The more modern bikes have a lithium ion battery which is lighter & last longer. They normally take under six hours to re-charge from a household power point

Regulations regarding electric bikes differ from country to country, so it is best to check locally before purchasing. In Australia they are classed as bicycles if the motor does not exceed 200 watt & has utilizable pedals, which signifies you don’t need a license or registration.


About The Author: Our EVnova commitment to you is simple – everything we sell comes with the promise that if it breaks, doesn’t work or does not do what you expected, you will always be supported by a local business owned and run by fellow Aussies.

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