When a Parcel Delivery Does Not Go So Smoothly

Sending parcel to Afghanistan and abroad is getting considerably simpler due to the number of excellent services that are obtainable on the market nowadays. These services aim to make it as simple and hassle free as feasible for you to get those all important parcels to friends, relatives or customers. The giant majority of the time these parcels reach their location in the exact same condition they were sent in but that, regrettably, is not always the case.

49Sometimes parcels will get rolled around in transit & this may be no fault of the delivery company as accidents happen but it may be the case that your parcel may not have been looked after adequately. If this has happened to you then it is going to be worth you understanding the way you can make a claim & what you are entitled to.

You normally must make a claim within 14 days of sending the parcel. If your package has been lost or damaged then do not hesitate to make a claim if the item had significant financial or sentimental value. Some couriers will cover a delivery & the item up to a value of £50 but this relies on the company they use so check the terms & conditions of the delivery.

If you are wondering whether you ought to sign for a parcel if it is broken then the answer is yes. The important thing to do though is to note that is broken because in case you sign for it agreeing it is in nice condition then you are not going to be able to claim.

For all types of claims whether the parcel has been lost or damaged you need to submit a claims form along with receipts & invoices showing the worth of the item & the documentation left by the courier company at the point of collection. If the parcel was damaged you will also need photographic facts of the state of the item before delivery & the packaging used to contain the consignment.

If you are deemed to have used unsuitable packaging your claim is likely to be rejected and to save on the work of going through a claims procedure do all you can to secure the item when packing. As long as you have packed it securely then you ought to be entitled to a type of compensation.

In the event you are sending UK or worldwide parcels pick the most comprehensive couriers to help your consignments reach their location securely.

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