Electric Bikes are safe for you and the environment

Most people want to reduce their impact on the environment, but many wonder how best to do it.A very common and straightforward solution is to ride an electric bike. These bikes use an electric motor to assist the rider. These bikes also use modern, light weight rechargeable batteries that can help a bicycle to travel up to fifty kilometers or more. These bikes are gaining popularity internationally with electric bike sales in 2013 exceeding 40 million worldwide.

There are a number of benefits of owningan electric bicycle – the best known is the fact that it makes climbing hills simple. Also they do not emit harmful carbon emissions and do not use fuel to run. Lots of people think that it is not a performer, but it’s a myth, the electric bikes travel faster than a conventional bike, therefore you can cover long distances in short periods of time. Last but not the least, they are vastly cheaper to run than a car because of low purchase costs and almost no maintenance costs.

One major benefit of an electric bike is its capability to protect the environment by cutting down on fossil fuels use and therefore greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. Another benefit of an electric bike is that it does not need petrol, so as fuel prices rise; an electric bike will only become more attractive as an alternative form of transport.

Conventional bicycles are pollution free, howevera lower average speed and additional effort required compared to an electric bike reduces their use an effective means of transport. This gap is filled by Electric Bicycles Australia. Travelling to your school, workplace or a friend’s place becomes faster, safer and absolutely pollution free. Another merit of these electric bikes is that since the conventional gas guzzler engine is done away with, this reduces the weight of electric bikes compared to a car. Electric bikes are substantially lighter and hence up to 1400 times more efficient than a car.

Electric bikes are highly environment friendly and are the ideal option to pick as an everyday conveyance. They are also the best way to stay healthy as you still get your daily exercise. In tight financial timeselectric bikes are truly a smart choice – plenty of bangs for your buck and simultaneously helping the environment.

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