How to ship internationally

RANDlogistics is one of the most reliable shipping services where every minute counts. Of the quickest ways to get your shipments out quickly is through Urgent Shipping Service. This service is available for 7 days a week, round the clock, depending on the best flights. You will get specific delivery confirmation when orders are placed.

Using a courier can be a much simpler method, as the whole thing can be done online. All you require to do is measure your package and enter the dimensions, and how much it weighs, in to an online form. Next, select which country you require to send it to. Whether it is a comparatively close location such as Germany or Germany, or somewhere much further afield like Australia, there will be a courier service that can help you out.

RANDlogistics have established courier links with global organizations ensuring we can ship your items to over 240 countries such as sending a parcel to Afghanistan or a parcel to Australia.


What makes courier service different from any other alternative method of transporting documents is that they make sure faster delivery of goods. As a result lots of modern day globe services depend on them. The courier service have turn out to be a keystone of enterprise in the contemporary age of international business so considerably that they have outdid the efficiency of web and fax machines in sure areas.

The advancement in the society has brought about an extreme alter in its functioning & outlook of its people. Things have become more advanced & sophisticated than before & more resources have been made available for the people to explore new & different avenues. People have become more aware of the environment & the taste & standard of living has also reached a positive pinnacle.

Today people have travelled far & wide in order to settle down with their families. Places which have offered better opportunities as well as a stable life, where people have flourished with the passing time. In plenty of scenarios, people have their relatives & friends at place, but are settled in a different place away from their near & dear ones. In such cases if something is necessary from home which is plenty of a far away, there is a necessity for a transport entity which ensures the delivery safely & on time.

When you require something shipped around the globe, or basically to some adjoining state, you would like worldwide distribution providers. RANDlogistics provides an effective, professional way to move products & also goods involving international locations.

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