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The wedding day is of the most recalled days for both the marriage couple and the guests at a wedding. From the moment the invitations are sent, the impression is made and the love is expressed. It is the marriage invitation that first conveys the message of the couple’s love and dedication to another and that normally takes lots of time to choose the ideal invitation that expresses the couple.


Wedding is of the most auspicious events in the lifetime of a person. Wedding cake is that makes a wedding special. Wedding cakes are obtainable in varied shapes, sizes and flavors. The marriage cake is distinctive because of its distinctive feature as theme. There’s plenty of number of themes with which wedding cakes can be designed. The themes can be either traditional or modern.

Finding the ideal stationery boutique in Melbourne is definitely something that is on the priority list of each bride and groom. In an invitation designer, there are so lots of things to look for. Lots of couples have their own picture, their matchless ideas, and their own imagination of what they require in a wedding invitation which expresses their uniqueness as a couple. Wedding invitations can be traditional, modern, contemporary, matchless or any design that suits the couple and the magical day that they are sharing with relatives and friends.

Traditional are those that have classic and authentic designs. Traditional are those that are divided into different tiers as per the cost. There are both single and multi-tiered cakes. The shapes of castles, palaces, and wedding couple are set as toppings for these wedding cakes. On the other hand, modern wedding suit the taste of children. These cakes come in huge varieties of shapes and themes. Traditional wedding cakes are very delicious. Modern wedding cakes can be of any shape. It can bear either the shape of a lotus, or the shape of a cartoon character or the shape of a trophy or the shape of a dolphin or the shape of a fountain or even the shape of a motorbike.

So, for your auspicious wedding, hire the Top Wedding Designer Melbourne that converts your dream into the reality. Get married & keep an amazing memory with you. So make your wedding a successful & memorable ceremony which will bring tears of happiness in your eyes after several years of your wedding!!! May your wedding be a grand! You can also contact & take help online from

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